CORRECTION: Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022, of course!

Dear Fordham Community, 

Tomorrow is election day, the moment we each decide whether to earn our democracy or squander it. Please go vote, if you haven't already. (Faculty, staff, and administrators—let's all be flexible with those colleagues and students needing extra time to travel home or stand in longer lines.) 

At a moment when American democracy has come under increasing threat, we remember all of those who fought for it.  From the Revolution to the Civil War, from Women's Suffrage to Selma, heroes have risked their lives so we can go to the polls tomorrow. Vote to honor them. Vote to honor those who still do not have the privilege.
There are many efforts underway to make us cynical, too exhausted by bad news to be bothered. Please don't let it work. Make your voice heard. 


Tania Tetlow