Dear Members of the Campus Community:

Beginning today, April 12, Doctor Urgent Medical Care at 538 E. Fordham Road, near Bathgate Avenue, will accept walk-in vaccination appointments from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days per week, in addition to scheduled appointments.You will be required to show your Fordham ID and insurance card before being vaccinated.

Fordham personnel are no longer required to submit names to Nancy Perri in Public Safety for off-campus vaccination appointments.

Members of the University community should continue to use the website to make appointments for on-campus vaccinations. You will be required to show your Fordham ID before being vaccinated.

Please cancel your appointment for on-campus vaccination if you have already received the vaccine (this applies to duplicate registrations, not second vaccinations). Students should not register for a first dose of the Moderna vaccine if they will not be in New York City to receive the second (28 days after the first dose).

Thank you again for your cooperation.


John Carroll, Associate Vice President
Fordham Public Safety